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Unlock the symbolism of our sacred mushroom icon.

The Flesh Cap icon is a compilation of smaller elements that come together as a unified symbol of deep meaning . The symbols that appear within the FLESH CAP emblem are no accident. Each symbol has been carefully selected and carries with it a sacred message that has been aquired through the mushroom experience.

Third Eye Fleshcap


The “eye” located atop the mushroom cap is a universal symbol representing wisdom and spiritual vision. The physical eyes of our body cannot see things as they truly are.  Only through the eye of our spirit can we discover the true nature of life. There are various ways to open your spiritual eye, the Flesh Cap family chooses to eat the mushroom.


The skull reminds us that all living things must die. Our time in this world is temporary, therefore, we should not worry about or become attached to worldly matters.


Although death may await us all, we choose not to focus on that which dies. Instead we focus on that within us which lives forever. The skull merely reminds us of the temporary body that we must leave behind in order to continue on with our everlasting journey

Skull drawing
Fleshcap Mushroom Outline


The mushroom is the chief symbol of our family. For thousands of years the mushroom has served as our teacher. Those who eat the mushroom as a sacrament are granted great spiritual wisdom.


So powerful is the mushroom that our ancient ancestors referred to it as the “flesh of god”. It is from this reference that our family gets the name Flesh Cap

Rising Sun:

The image of the sun located in the middle of the mushroom stem is a symbol of the life force that burns inside all living things.


The bright burning sun of the daytime represents life, while the setting sun of nighttime represents death.


Just like the sun rises and falls, so does all life rise and fall in an endless cycle of life and death, creation and destruction

Rising Sun Drawing
Quetzacoatl Serpent Head


The serpent is a symbol that represents eternity, renewal, and sacred knowledge.


The serpent seen wrapped around the mushroom eating its own tail is an ancient symbol known as the “ouroboros” This symbolizes the cycles that are seen in nature and throughout the universe. Things are created only to be destroyed and out of destruction new things arise. The ouroboros eats its own tail to sustain its life but at the same time kills itself in an eternal cycle of destruction and renewal


The lemniscate is the symbol that looks like a number “eight” turned on its side. The figure has no starting or ending point thus symbolizing the everlasting nature of existence. Moreover, it reminds us tha tthe life force is without boundaries and is capable of anything.


The mushroom experience teaches us that we are part of this boundless life force that has no beginning or ending. It means “without beginning or end”.



"Learn to read the symbols and you will unlock the wisdom contained within."

~Steve Savage

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