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= Lucidity Festival =

Lucidity Festival is a new festival with so much potential. It takes place in the hills near Santa Barbara and brings together a small group of really awesome, well intentioned individuals.


The event is in its second year as of 2013, and based off of what we experienced in 2012, this event possesses spirit.


Intention is a powerful force. Greate events are constructed with positive intentions. Here's what the Lucidity Festival website has to say about what they hope to accomplish with their event:


"Lucidity is an open-source transformational arts and music festival. We call it open-source because we co-create this festival experience with YOU...


We bring together a world class lineup of musical talent and weave them together with the sounds and vibrations of our beloved local stars.


Our galleries showcase the sickest fine art the region has to offer, enriching the festival as a visual voyage.


Art installations pleasure participants with multi-sensory stimulation while themed environments create intimate settings for personal connections."


How's that for positive intentions?

Lucidity Festival may be small but it offers so much: live music, djs, a visionary art gallery, themed villages, and art installations.

"This is your chance to be a part of an emerging force."

~Steve Savage

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