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For people living outside the United States.

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Mushroom Graffiti Stickers Mushroom Graffiti Stickers

FleshCap mails stickers to various countries worldwide. Order yours now.


Directions: Click the "Donate" button and donate $2.50 for postage.


*Note: we use PayPal to process orders so your credit card information is secure.


Frequently Asked Questions

(For people living outside the United States)



-How long will it take for my stickers to arrive? (Destinations outside the United States)

Answer: We mail out stickers every Tuesday. Your stickers will ship out on the first Tuesday after we receive your order. It takes an additional 3 - 5 weeks for stickers to ship to destinations outside the United States.



-How many stickers come in a pack?

Answer: Every pack comes with 10 mushroom stickers. These are high quality silk-screened stickers and are great for sticker graffiti. *Bonus: every pack now includes 3 zip-baggies with the fleshcap icon printed on the front...perfect for keeping treats fresh.



-I ordered stickers but they never arrived. What do I do?

Answer: Please email us if your stickers have not arrived after six weeks. *Note: since we only mail out stickers once a week, it can take up to six weeks for people outside the United States to get their stickers. Thank you for being patient.



-Why do you ask for a donation? Aren't the stickers free?

Answer: Stamps and envelopes are very expensive and we simply cannot afford to pay for everything. FleshCap does not make any money off stickers. Your donation makes it possible for us to continue mailing free stickers all around the world.



-How many times can I request a free sticker pack?

Answer: You can request one sticker pack per month. As long as you help us pay for shipping we are happy to send you a free sticker pack.


"Post the mushroom in the streets and let them all know."

~Steve Savage

*FleshCap grants permission to modify and share our work for non-commercial purposes only.