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= Transformational Festivals =

Transformational Festivals and gatherings are immersive, participatory realities where individuals celebrate the energy of life.


Such festivals employ music, dance, visionary art, and workshops to create a fully immersive experience where participants are elevated to a place beyond the default world. The aim of such festivals is to create a venue where individuals have the freedom to share novel ideas, connect deeply with others, and experience realities not normally accessible at typical mainstream events.


Burning Man is the largest transformational festival, but there are a number of smaller, lesser known festivals and full moon gatherings that contribute to this growing world-wide community.


Our Transformational Festival gallery documents our first hand experiences of these amazing events through photos, art, music and more.

Music, dance, visionary art, and workshops are at the heart of transformational gatherings.

"Transformational festivals are at the heart of the visionary cultural renaissance."

~Steve Savage

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